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When people enjoy their Christmas Holiday by attending a wonderful show or concert, they usually do not realize that logistics play an important role to ensure successful performance behind the scene. This is what we can help as logistics professional. A famous singer has his show set up in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto in busy Dec, 2015. The show equipment are to be delivered on site, precisely on time, without customs issues; and to be removed from the site at midnight right after the performance, to ship to its next station. IPE LOGISTICS CANADA INC. , a proud professional logistics service provider, completed its import customs clearance under CARNET, delivered the equipment to site right on time, and picked up the load at midnight after the performance, with proper labeling and handling under Transport CANADA Air Security program, in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Finally, we shipped the equipment to a Far East City, after the shows in CANADA are completed. All the logistics activities are completed with fine coordination among IPE 3 offices in CANADA, within a very tight time frame. Leave a complicated Show Project to professionals like IPE CANADA, because we care about your business. You can focus on your core performance.

Project Details
  • CARNET Clearance
  • JIT delivery
  • JIT pick up
  • packing
  • storage
  • Secure Air Space
  • Licensed Air Security