Weathered both good and bad times in our less-than-7 year history, IPE has been honoured by PROFIT magazines as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada!

Every year, PROFIT magazine publishes a list of companies enjoy the highest growth rate based on their revenue in the past 5 years. These businesses, which are named as “Profit 100 Companies”, are the role models of Canadian businesses in this hard economy time. They represent the future of Canadian businesses and help people build up their confidence in the potential to grow.

The PROFIT 100 table ranks the 100 fastest-growing companies in Canada by percentage revenue growth from 2003 to 2008; while the Next 100 table features companies ranked from No. 101 to 200. With a 640% growth rate in 5 years, and being the only Freight Forwarding Company in TOP 200 list, IPE proudly ranks No. 126 of the year 2009.

PROFIT is Canada`s preeminent publication dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and mid-sized businesses. Published six times a year, PROFIT is distributed almost exclusively to the chief executives of small and mid-sized companies across Canada. The “Profit 100” honour recognized all the efforts we made in the past years – our business model, our strategic planning, our hardworking, and our teambuilding.

In Chinese, “crisis” means the combination of “dangerous” and “opportunity”. During this global crisis, we see more opportunities for IPE and our valuable partners.

– We are still committed –-> We provide the best services to our customers and partners;
– We are still expanding –-> New staff just joined us in both Toronto and Montreal offices;
– We are still investing –-> We just upgraded to a new freight forwarding software system so we will work faster, more accurate, and more effectively.
– We are more resourceful –-> our relationship with carriers has never been so close because of IPE’s continues and increasing contribution to the carriers’ business volume.

As a team, IPE honors the achievement in the past. We will make all our efforts for a brighter future!

IPE Logistics (Canada) Inc.
June 20st, 2009