E-Commerce Supply Chain Management

ecommerce supply chain managment

Internet is no longer only a highway of information, it connects business and individuals together, creating business opportunities, and still growing.

Your business needs sales over the internet, cargo being delivered to your customers after receipt of their internet orders. You have demands, we’ve got solutions. Taking advantage of our capacities in FCL, LCL, across major markets, IPE has established a complete supply chain management system to facilitate our customers with trades over the internet. With our cutting-edge tools supporting customer’s online transactions, IPE are happy to enjoy customer’s business growth in the new E-commerce era.

IPE provide convenient, efficient supply chain solution for E-Commerce customers:

  • Online Order Inquiry, Shipping, Tracing and Tracking
  • Order Consolidation, Processing at Origin
  • Order Sorting, Packing at Destination
  • Order Storage, Customs Clearance at Origin or Destination
  • Order Distribution, Reversed-Logistics

We link your suppliers, your goods, your information together and feed them to you by a few mouse-clicks.

Contact us, set up your account, then, we will do the rest, as if IPE is just your personal logistics department.