Custom Brokerage & Cargo Insurance

Customs Brokerage – Consulting

Even though we are not a licensed customs broker, no matter how complicated the customs process may seem, our team at IPE can help you find answers to your legal, licensing, and customs clearance concerns. We can help develop greater efficiency by eliminating any wasted time or unnecessary expense. Our range of customs consulting services are constantly monitored, ensuring your cargo is in safe hands.

IPE provides the following services concerning customs brokerage consulting issues:

  • Canadian customs clearance for all Imports to Canada, via a licensed customs brokerage service
  • US customs Brokerage for all imports to US including AMS and ISF 10+2 Filings, via a licensed US customs brokerage service
  • Customs Clearance for Non-residence of Canada or US, via a licensed customs brokerage service
  • Customs Consulting for firms seeking to understand the latest customs requirements before or during a sales transaction
  • Consulting on Customs audit issues, for firms working on their Customs Audit
  • Cross-Border Customs Clearance, Customs clearance in a 3RD country, via a licensed customs brokerage service in that country.

custom brokerage and customs

Cargo Insurance

Evolving methods of distribution and supply chains makes global logistics a continuing challenge. IPE answers such challenges by providing insurance on shipments for protection against loss or damage. Beyond standard carrier coverage, we offer competitive rates, and free customer support. We are quick in response to any insurance claim.

IPE provides the following insurance options:

  • Ocean, air, and road transportation cargo insurance. This includes door-to-door coverage, and warehouse storage insurance
  • Insurance coverage for importers. We assist bond for USA importers, bond for Canadian importers, and operational liability insurance coverage
  • Insurance coverage options. From All Risk, to FPA, to insurance coverage for a specific country, ie China

Contact us to determine how IPE can best customize our services for you. We welcome being your personal logistics department.