IPE Logistics (Canada) Inc. completed its 2nd annual audit conducted by Transport Canada in its Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program.

The ACS Program is one of many Aviation Security activities (e.g. baggage screening, non-passenger screening, and airport access control) being put in place to mitigate risks to civil aviation.

Strengthening Canadian air cargo security and making it comparable to the air cargo security practices of the United States and other key trading partners will help our economy and position Canada as a strong partner in global efforts against terrorism.

Benefits to customers under ACS Program

Like other key trading partners, Canada is implementing an air cargo security regime that, once fully implemented, will ensure that all air cargo will be screened and deemed secure at the point of origin or point of acceptance. Additionally, all air cargo will be handled and transported in a secure fashion from point of acceptance up until it is loaded on an aircraft.

Shippers, freight forwarders, and other cargo industry members that choose not to participate in the ACS Program must have their air cargo screened by an ACS Approved Participant or an air carrier to secure their cargo.

Being an Approved Participant in Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program, IPE will be able to provide its customers with better and faster air cargo services, with more choices of flights among a greater variety of airlines, at a lower cost.

Employee training and compliance under ACS Program

Employees in IPE, handling air cargo, were properly trained, tested under ACS Program, according to the training standards for use by ACS Program Approved Participants, provided by Transport Canada.

IPE’s Continuous-Service-Improving Concept in ACS Program

IPE committed to improve its service through its Continuous-Service-Improving Concept, generally adopted in the management of all aspects of its business.

In ACS Program, IPE regularly review its operations by means of scheduled internal audit, and proactively improve its services to customers after eliminating non-compliance and implementing better process found during the internal audit process.

IPE Logistics (Canada) Inc.
Aug 12, 2012