Established in 2002 in Toronto, IPE Logistics (Canada) Inc. and our customers have witnessed our tremendous growth. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in freight forwarding, project consulting and E-commerce, IPE are continually striving to make your shipping activities smooth and pleasant experiences. IPE is your reliable logistics partner to handle your ocean, air, and ground shipments, your warehousing, distribution and your online E-commerce supply chain management. We are also highly recognized by our long-time customers for our expertise in project consulting service. We are proud of our highly competent, knowledgeable, and passionate customer service staff, who will ensure high-standard professional services.

With a clear focus on customer need, IPE Logistics (Canada) Inc. provides service excellence in sea and air freight, road transportation, E-commerce, and project cargo.


Together with our worldwide strategic networks, IPE integrates our services with your operations to achieve the following.

  • To fully support your business processes
  • To optimize the distribution of freight and freight-flow information from manufacturers to consumers
  • To remove inefficiencies in your supply chain
  • To deliver goods to you sooner, safer, and more efficiently than ever before
  • To ensure seamless information flow feed into your ERP system



IPE’s expertise is far beyond cargo movement. Our ability to foresee the needs of our clients, proactively provide effective solutions, and innovate and evolve in the ever changing environment is our core competitiveness.

Through years of experiences, IPE has accumulated a wealth of geographical knowledge, logistics capacities, global connection, and creativity in project logistics. With the ability to move your project cargos from any location worldwide to remote construction sites, we can anticipate the challenges, minimize your risk, and provide customized solution to meet your precise schedules within your budget.

We treat our assignments as our babies and take good care of them from the very beginning to the end. Call us any time to discuss your projects and you will immediately know why you choose IPE. We would like to work with you from the initial stage of your project to ensure the design and implementation of the logistic plan is delivered at the highest level of quality at the lowest cost. However, if you have any issue or difficulty in the middle of any project, you are more than welcomed to let us know – we are here not only to help you complete the projects with ease, but also save your reputation with clients.


IPE has its vision and action in the fast-changing E-commerce sector, conducted over the internet. Combining its capacities in FCL, LCL, warehousing and distribution with its web-based service, over years, IPE has established a complete supply chain management system to facilitate customers with trades over the internet. Customer sells, buys goods online, ships with IPE online. IPE manages the supply chain for customer, saving customer’s valuable time and manpower for its own core competence. With our cutting-edge tools supporting customer’s online transactions, IPE are happy to enjoy customer’s business growth in new E-commerce era.

Online order, tracking, storage, customs clearance, door delivery, reversed-logistics, are all included in IPE’s service package.

We endeavor to link your suppliers, your goods, your information together and feed them to you in a few mouse-clicks. Talk to one of our customer service representative, set up your account, then, we will do the rest.